What should Latin America learn from India?

That is another MR reader request.  Here are a few possible answers:

1. You could word this question the other way around, noting that Bolivia — one of the poorer Latin American economies — is richer than India per capita.

2. At least partial integration with the Anglo world — and through the English language rather than the drug trade — is worth a great deal.

3. Learn more good English.  It can become a meaningfully useful second or third language for your country, you need only to will it so.

4. Encourage your smartest young kids to be obsessed with the internet.

5. Create top institutions of elite education in your country.  Most (all?) of Latin America has nothing comparable to the Indian IIT system.

6. In India it used to be super-high status for your kid to attend Oxford and Cambridge, now American universities have stepped into these spots as well.  I don’t see a similar phenomenon in Latin America, not on a widespread basis.

7. Single parent families can be disastrous.  In Colombia the current rate of that is 84 (!) percent, in Argentina, Mexico, and Chile it is more than half.  For India I see estimates ranging from 4.5 percent to 7.5 percent for single parent families.  Hail the disapproving Indian auntie!  Hail the “difficult” Indian mother who insists on a proper wedding and marriage for the family’s children. etc.

8. More generally, one might praise the general notion of “families that bust your balls.”

What else?


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