Friday assorted links

1. Law in the Bahamas.  At least at times.  And impact of the FTX collapse on the Bahamas (FT).  And WSJ on the Bahamas.

2. How physics can improve the urinal.

3. “During the 1920s, the EBR [Eastern Bengal Railway] continued to grow by merger and amalgamation, and also began to convert sections of metre and narrow gauge to eliminate rail bottlenecks.”  Link here.

4. Stewart Brand praises Shantaram, the best bad book ever.

5. Generalized tendency to make extreme trait judgements from faces.  Funny how no one seems to mind this, perhaps it is too hard-wired?  How much is it that this tendency serves the interest of the media class overall?  After all, most stories about people have photos of those same people.

6. Mises and Hayek on federalism, European and otherwise.

7. Hans Magnus Enzensberger, RIP.


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