Broader implications of ChatGPT

No, it is not converging upon human-like intelligence or for that matter AGI.  Still, the broader lesson is you can build a very practical kind of intelligence with fairly simple statistical models and lots of training data.  And there is more to come from this direction very soon.

This reality increases the probability that the aliens around the universe are intelligent rather than stupid.  They don’t need a “special box” in their heads (?) to become cognitively sophisticated, rather experience can bring them a long way.

That in turn heightens the Fermi paradox.  Where are they?

Which in turn, for any particular views about The Great Filter (presumably there is some chance it lies ahead of us), should make us more pessimistic about the future survival of humankind.

It modestly increases the chances that UFOs are drone probes from space aliens.

It also narrows the likely gap between human and animal intelligence.

What else?

I thank a friend for a useful conversation related to these points.


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