*The McCartney Legacy, volume 1, 1969-1973*

This book is an A+ for me, though perhaps not for all of you.  I’ve already learned so much in the first fifty pages (and yes I have read the other ones), most of all just how much the McCartney album was a very direct outgrowth from Beatles time.  It was much more a 1969 album and less of a 1970 album than I had realized.  The reader also learns how every song was put together.  Had you known that Paul regarded “Man We Was Lonely” as channeling Johnny Cash?  And I hadn’t understood how much Paul turned to morning alcohol (not just pot) right after the Beatles split up.

There is probably no book this year I will read more avidly than this one.  Highly recommended, at least for those who care.  You can buy it here.  You get almost 700 pp. from authors Allan Kozinn and Adrian Sinclair, do it!


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