Tuesday assorted links

1. More on Milton Friedman, democracy, and Chile: “…we investigated what he said regarding political freedom during those visits. Our interest is not in what he said many years later, when Pinochet was out of power and democratic rule had been restored. We inquire whether during the dictatorship, and while in Chile, he stated that the military had to grant political freedom to Chilean citizens and had to reinstitute the democratic system. Our conclusion is that although he declared that the political and economic conditions were very negative under President Salvador Allende, he did not provide open support for the coup or the dictatorship. On the contrary, he was explicit about liberty, and during both visits he publicly stated that political and economic freedom had to go hand in hand. During the 1981 visit, Friedman publicly stressed the importance of political freedom to maintain economic freedom in the context of the Chilean promised road to democracy.”

2. Tribute to Jeffrey Friedman.

3. 2023 predictions for LLMs.

4. Snippets from the year.

5. An LLM for your speeding ticket?

6. Hayek’s influence on the EU.

7. How many homes have to be built to make housing affordable?


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