Saturday assorted links

1. Books on Xi’s shelf.

2. Chat with historical figures, 20,000 of them.  When will they do economists?  And using GPT for therapy, how do you think it did?  People preferred the GPT, until they found out they were speaking with a machine.

3. What some top chess players won in prize money.

4. Claims about quantum computing.

5. Rasheed Griffith on where to eat in Panama.

6. “The use of a longitudinal database of Famine immigrants who initially settled in New York and Brooklyn indicates that the Famine Irish had far more occupational mobility than previously recognized. Only 25 percent of men ended their working careers in low-wage, unskilled labor; 44 percent ended up in white-collar occupations of one kind or another—primarily running saloons, groceries, and other small businesses.”  Link here.

7. AEA meeting update.


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