Thursday assorted links

1. Could we trade with ants?

2. Five trends that will shape urban Africa.

3. Is the Fed losing money on QE?

4. Do Asian-Americans have the world’s highest life expectancy?

5. On immigration (and authority) Daniel Klein is correct.

6. Can ChatGPT pass medical licensing examsSpeculative GPT thoughts.  And “I taught ChatGPT a language.” And “The return of the Socratic method, at scale and on demand.”  Get ready people!  “Rewrite this article so it sounds like a human.”  And Chat GPT recommends the best books on AI.  Get with the program!  Yes, I mean you.  Only yesterday I found the beast very helpful in prepping questions for Glenn Loury (thanks Glenn, that was a great episode!).

7. Roman vs. modern concrete, updated and revised.


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