Bulgarian corruption markets in everything

According to corruption fighters and election observers, votes can be
traded, depending on the town, for marijuana cigarettes or sold for up
to 100 leva, or $69. People document their votes by taking pictures of
their ballots with their cellphone cameras, according to Iva
Pushkarova, executive director of the Bulgarian Judges Association.

Trust, then verify, as they say.  In fact you can’t trust the government either, so that requires a market in "decoy lawyers":

While corruption affects many corners of society, the impact is
particularly stark in the legal system, where some people without
political connections have resorted to hiring decoy lawyers, for fear
that their legal documents would vanish if presented to particular
clerks by lawyers recognized as working for them.

I cannot find a comparable concept of "decoy lawyers" in English-language Google.  There is yet another market:

Sofia has a thriving black market for blood outside hospitals, where
patients’ families haggle over purchases with dealers, according to
Bulgarian news reports that track the prices.

Here is the article.  I thank KB and also Stephen (check out his blog at the link) for the pointer.


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