Blogs about the professions and what they are like

Richard, a loyal MR reader, writes to me:

For the last couple months I've been following the FemaleScienceProfessorblog (http://science-  It's basically about the professional life of a biology professor.  It's not fascinating or thought-provoking in the way MR is.  Much of the time, it's really rather mundane, which is the whole point.  Reading it, I feel like I know much more about what it's like to be in a professional position much like hers. It's not cluttered with really any other random stuff; every new post that comes in from her, I know what I'm getting.

Here's my request: I'd love to find 5-10 more blogs like this.  I don't even particularly care what professions, but I'd like to get a non-glamorized, relatively even-handed inside view of other professions. I certainly would have loved to have had a few dozen of these to follow when I was trying to make career choices…

This is a good question, but I have nothing to offer.  Would MR readers care to make some suggestions?


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