Calendar facts

1. The U.S. calendar industry accounts for $1.2 billion a year.

2. The average American buys 2.5 calendars.

3. Dog calendars are especially popular. Bush and Britney Spears calendars have not been selling well.

4. The 2004 Nuns Having Fun calendar is now sold out.

5. Women prefer larger calendars than do men.

6. 70 percent of all calendar business is done in December, talk about seasonal business cycles.

7. Many calendar prices are cut in half on December 26.

8. Many calendars cost no more than a dollar by the end of January.

9. Less than one-third of Americans plan their workday in writing. One CEO of a time management firm reports: “Most people walk into work and don’t have a plan.”

From USA Today. If you are wondering, I bought my 2004 calendar in October and it portrays Hokusai prints.


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