Loan markets in grades

A school in China is allowing students who don’t do well in tests to borrow a few extra marks as long as they pay them back with interest.

The scheme was recently introduced by Penglai Road No 2 Primary School in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, reports Xinhua.

Students who do poorly on a test can ask their teachers to lend them a few points to improve their grade, but twice as many points must be paid back on the next test, assuming they achieve a better mark.

If they don’t, interest on the loan continues to run at 100% per test until it is paid off.

It is reported that about 40% of students at the school have taken out such loans.

Why the monopoly provision? If you are going to do this at all, allow students to trade and lend points among themselves, thereby establishing a competitive equilibrium price.

From Ananova, thanks to Mitch Berkson for the pointer.


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