The Wrath of Khan

Peter Gordon has a new blog which will focus on the economics of urban planning. Peter is insightful on many topics, however, as this recent post indicates.

Intelligence agencies consume a lot of money (actual amounts unknown) and they often fail miserably. Perhaps worse than the Iraq WMD failure by all of the Western intelligence agencies was their inability to detect 15 years of nuclear secrets sales by Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan. Yesterday’s WSJ featured an op-ed by Bernard-Henri Levy whose best-seller in France, “Who Killed Daniel Pearl?” seems to have been closer to reality than anything else. Levy argued that Pearl was murdered because he was on the trail of the Pakistani clandestine nuclear secrets sales. The Khan confession (and his strange public pardon by Pres. Musharraf) gives Levy’s version some substantial corroboration.

One free-lancer upends armies of professional spooks. Is anyone surprised?


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