Haitian update

FoxNews reports that U.S. troops are protecting “key sites” in Port-Au-Prince. Let’s hope that this includes the murals at the Episcopal Church of Haiti, the high point of Haitian artistic achievement, dating from 1950-1951. Please let us be more prepared than we were in Iraq.

View some images, but they don’t come close to seeing the murals in person. Here are some more visuals, combined with a brief essay on Haiti by DeWitt Peters, an early patron saint of Haitian art. Here is the best single view. Note that the murals are currently falling apart from moisture and leakage, they require extensive renovation.

Here is The Lord’s Prayer According to Papa Doc Duvalier, a less notable Haitian achievement. Here is a picture of the voodoo gods, pondering Haiti’s destiny.

Addendum: Here is Daniel Drezner on Haiti and drugs.


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