The new music gatekeepers, namely you

Do you want to know what other people are listening to? Go to, where you can find large numbers of playlists. The old Napster used to offer user song directories, but of course the new file-sharing companies have to plead ignorance of what their downloaders are doing. So it is only natural that such a “recommendations” service should migrate elsewhere.

WebJay is designed for music that is freely available on the web, though it is not restricted to such music.

Clay Shirky writes:

…you get three filters in one – someone else has vetted the music for quality, the music is rolled up in thematic playlists, further raising the “If you like X, you might also like Y” quotient, and everything you hear is (at least putatively) music libre.

This is just a start but the idea has enormous potential. Where else can you follow “Brazilian techno pop rock experimental and (why not?) samba”?


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