The future of American education?

Once he [Weinstein] gets to college, he’ll be told to relax, go slow and enjoy learning for its own sake.

Colleges are offering a range of services for stressed students, says the New York Times.

There are now free massages and dogs to cuddle in exam seasons, biofeedback workshops and therapists available to help students work through their first C [TC: what about grade inflation? haven’t we gotten rid of C’s?].

At Harvard, the training given to graduate students who live in the undergraduate houses has in recent years expanded to include ways to help students fight perfectionism — a theme on many campuses — as well as negotiate matters involving race, class and sexual identity.

…Washington University in St. Louis has established stress-free zones during finals, where students can get chair massages and listen to New Age music.

Here is the full story, most of which concerns the difficulty of getting into a top school.


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