Eyeballs are scarce

When you are in your hotel room what do you look at but…well…the items in your hotel room.

Given how hard it is to command consumer attention, it is only natural that hotels start selling these goods. At the Regency in Manhattan, you can now get the following:

1. A bath mat for $45

2. Down pillows for $28 each

3. A bathrobe for $69

And of course you get to test the items before you buy. Some hotels also believe that buyers will think back positively on their hotel experience, boosting repeat business.

Next in line may be the “swiveling, floor-to-ceiling TV cabinet,” priced at $3,000. Hotels are now selling beds and $4000 tubs as well. Of course if you really like the hotel merchandise you could just move in permanently.

The data are from Forbes, June 7 issue, p.124. “Markets in Everything,” as they have been known to say.


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