How to measure success or failure in Iraq

Currently a U.S. dollar buys 555 Iraqi dinar. You can track the fluctuating price at this web site. Perhaps over time they will develop forward contracts contingent on major events. This might include the election, or perhaps the resignation of various high government officials?

By the way, if you think you understand what is going on in Iraq, you can trade in the market.

And try this site if you wish to compare prices. How is this for a marketing line?

After decades of underinvestment, Iraq’s agriculture sector is poised to make the country once again the bread basket of the Middle East

Or this?

In the President’s radio address, President Bush reconfirmed the Adminstrations stance for a “Strong Dinar Policy”. The new dinar will be used throughout Iraq, thereby unifying the economy and the country.

Another site suggests:

According to recent releases by the US Department of State, the economic recovery of Iraq is in process and occuring quickly.

I’m glad to hear that. As is commonly the case in new markets, it is easier to go long than short.


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