Markets in everything – Korean women edition

This time courtesy of the ever-insightful Randall Parker. Here is one juicy bit:

Chinese men may buy so many North Korean wives that North Korea will either become militarily aggressive or collapse from within. This is not implausible. Those 30 to 40 million single men in China in the year 2020 mean there wil be 3 to 4 times more single men in China than there are women in North Korea. The Chinese will be more affluent than the North Koreans unless radical changes happen to North Korea’s economy. North Korea is the place where Chinese men will have the best competitive advantage in angling for wives. The other East Asian countries are not nearly as poor as North Korea and North Korea shares a long 1,416 km land border with China.

China’s economy is growing rapidly. The buying power of Chinese men is rising. Even poor Chinese farmers can afford to buy North Korean women.

And what is Randall’s prediction?

Expect the hostility of North Korean men toward China to increase.

Good call, Randall!


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