What TV ads do people wish to skip?

…Just over one-third of beer ads were skipped through by those taking part in the research, whereas 93% of fast food and credit card commercials were passed over by viewers fast forwarding through the breaks.

MindShare predicted that there would be an increase in the amount of live event television such as sport on TV channels in the future, because these are events that people would be more likely to watch at the actual time of transmission than record.

The company also suggested that broadcasters could start charging a premium for advertising in such events, and could even raise the price of their firstinbreak and last-in-break slots to reflect that more people tune out during the middle of an advertising break.

TV sponsorship was also under much less threat from skipping, said the research.

So how will the market evolve?

What seems clear is that the sectoral make-up of TV advertising is set to change dramatically, consolidating around a smaller number of key industries.

Other industries will increasingly use advertiser-funded content, product placement and sponsorship to get their messages across on TV, or switch to other media altogether.

Outdoor and retail media, being the other two mass media, are likely to benefit from the sectorspecific shift away from TV.

Here is the original article. Earlier Alex wrote on Queer Eye and the Future of Television. Thanks to Eloise, whose blog post put me on to this.


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