The most expensive cities

The first three are Tokyo, London, and Moscow. The cheapest major cities are Asuncion, Paraguay; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

How about the U.S.?

Among U.S. cities, New York, which ranks No. 12 worldwide, is the most expensive. Other cities that rank as among the most expensive are Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, ranks as the least expensive city in the country.

Here is some housing information:

For one month in that two-bedroom apartment in Tokyo, you’ll drop a stunning $4,501. In Paris, you can expect to pay $2,422 and in Beijing about $3,700.

The same flat in London will cost you about $3,603, whereas in New York you’ll pay about $3,500. The best “deals” are in Buenos Aires or Johannesburg, where such an apartment will only cost you about $600.

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