Markets in everything, once again

Try the latest, simulated dating. They set you up for a “date,” but in reality you meet with a dating coach. You pretend to be interested, then you are given tips for how to do it right in the real world. That will be $275 please, in case you are too chicken to ask your friends for help. Plus you pick up the tab.

Here is a related book about how to judge the first impressions you make on other people. And “Football Hunk” offers ten tips for guys.

Here’s another quirky match-making service:

In New York, there’s Dinner in the Dark, which arranges meals in a pitch-black bar and restaurant. Waiters equipped with night goggles are the only ones who can see – leaving clients to fumble with their utensil-free dinner while getting to know their prospective matches, from the inside out. Candles are lit during dessert, when clients see who is sitting next to them.

Adverse selection anyone?


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