Why our world is not efficient

Dear Prudie,
I recently attended a bridal shower for a young lady who’s engaged to my cousin. I had never met the bride before and was looking forward to meeting her and her family at the shower. When we were all there, the hostess handed out envelopes to all of the guests and asked each person to address the envelope to herself, in order to receive her thank you note. As I had received my invitation in the mail, I could only assume that she already had my address. I was shocked at this rude gesture, which said to me that the bride couldn’t be bothered to write a thank you note after I had found the time to attend her event and purchase a gift. Is this a normal event at bridal showers, or am I just being picky?


“Why didn’t we do that?” was all I could think. But alas, here is Prudie’s response, and no she doesn’t cite the Coase Theorem or the notion of who is the least cost avoider.

Addendum: Hey you linkers, I was joking.


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