The Gringos Will be Weeping

That is the subtitle of the film I saw last night in Mexico City. The title is “Un Dia sin Mexicanos” [A Day Without Mexicans]. The premise of this comedy is that all of the Hispanic residents of California suddenly disappear one day without any warning. Beds are empty, cars are left running, and so on. Not surprisingly, California falls apart.

There are few movies that accurately illustrate market economics and fewer yet that show a good understanding of the theory of comparative advantage. This is one of them, and it can be viewed as a truly libertarian film. I won’t offer any spoilers but the final message is cosmopolitan and explores the question of what it really means to be a Latino. Plus it offers rich insight into how the Mexicans feel they are viewed by Americans. The film does hit a few false notes and has some slow patches but much of it is quite hilarious. And most of the film is in English, if you ever (unlikely) have a chance to see it.

The movie is currently showing on more screens in Mexico City than any other, including “Yo, Robot”, starring Will Smith.

By the way, if you are wondering, the film was partially subsidized by the Mexican government.


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