Is India overpopulated?

India is not an overpopulated country. Its population density is lower than that of many other countries not thought of as overpopulated. In 1999, Belgium had a population density of 130 people per square mile; the Netherlands, 150; India under 120. It is the cities of India that are overpopulated. Singapore has a density of 2,535 people per square mile; Berlin, the most crowded European city, has 1,130 people per square mile. The island city of Bombay in 1990 had a density of 17,550 people per square mile. Some parts of central Bombay have a population density of 1 million people per square mile…Two-thirds of the city’s residents are crowded into just 5 percent of the total area…

I’m in Delhi, not Bombay, but you get the idea. The quotation is from Suketu Mehta’s new and excellent Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found.


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