Markets in everything

Ms. Frenkel was not on a date with Mr. Blumberg, in pursuit of a kinky threesome; she was on the clock. A 29-year-old graduate student, she is one of a dozen women who work for a New York-based Web site called, earning up to $30 an hour to accompany single men to bars and help them chat up other women. The Web site’s founder, Shane Forbes, a computer programmer, started it in December after realizing he had more success with women when he went to clubs with female friends. “Every time I was with them, I would meet women,” he said.

I find that women often judge a husband by the quality of his wife. We call this a “sufficient statistic.”

But do Wingwomen work for everyone?

When asked about the women he had met, he shrugged. “They are all nice and cute, but two were in insurance, and the other one is from New Jersey.”

Here is the full story. Thanks to Andy for the pointer.

Addendum: Randall Parker discusses other possible dating strategies…don’t be shocked…


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