More India observations

1. Matters the Indian media have not forgotten: John Kerry’s negative remarks on outsourcing and “Benedict Arnold” CEOs.

2. Biggest surprise about food in India: How much it draws on Chinese influences, even at the regional level. There is even a uniquely Indian version of Chinese food, which is derived from adding Indian spices and peppers to basically Cantonese dishes.

3. Delight for the eyes: Senegal (Brazil?) may have the most beautiful women in the world, but the Indian state of Rajasthan arguably has the most beautifully dressed women; here is one photo.

4. Best opening line: An Indian gentleman approached me in the hotel lobby – “You are reading all those newspapers so furiously, one, two, three, four of them…you must be one of these so-called globalization theorists!”

5. Favorite Indian joke about the Chinese: How do we know that Adam and Eve were not Chinese? Because they ate the apple, not the snake.


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