The Chinese Idolize Free Trade

The Hindustan Times reports:

They have taken over our toys, cutlery, nail-cutters and other sundry items.  And this Diwali [Festival of Lights] they have taken over our Gods as well.  Meet Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi – made in China, sold in India.  Showrooms and giftshops are flooded with Chinese idols and electric diyas.  And consumers are lapping them up.  “These idols are very popular because of their better quality and cheap price,” says [one merchant].

There is a variety in the Chinese idols.  They are also unbreakable and washable.  “We have idols in porcelain, fibre and polycrystal.  The Indian idol is heavier and does not look polished,” says Vimal Shah…There are now nearly 15 units in Fujin, China specialising in manufacture of Indian religious idols…

So are the Indians willing to buy everything from China?  No.  The Delhi High Court recently banned the import and marketing of Chinese-made globes.  They don’t portray  Jammu and Kashmir as belonging to Indian territory.


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