Mirror, mirror on the wall

The reason Hillary Clinton and others on the left want government provided health care is that they hate the market.  The left isn’t sincerely concerned about people without health insurance they are worried that market forces will solve the problem and take away one of their wedge issues.  The left knows that free market health care is the wellspring of  progress to which we all owe longer and better lives and that is precisely why they want to destroy it.

Who wrote the above?  A loony blogger from the right?  A red-state, meat-eating Republican?  No, it was Paul Krugman.  Ok, he didn’t write that exactly, what he said was:

…very little about the privatizers’ position is honest. They come to bury Social
Security, not to save it. They aren’t sincerely concerned about the possibility
that the system will someday fail; they’re disturbed by the system’s historic
success. For Social Security is a government program that works, a demonstration
that a modest amount of taxing and spending can make people’s lives better and
more secure. And that’s why the right wants to destroy it.

Bile to the left of me, bile to the right.  My stomach churns, but at least this junk makes me look like a centrist.


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