Sexy women

In a recent survey across 10 countries, British women proved to have the least faith in themselves – or more precisely in the way they look. Only one in five said they saw themselves as attractive, while only one in 50 described themselves as "sexy".

Here is the story, and more detail here.  The women with the most confidence in their looks are, not surprisingly, the Brazilians.

Thanks to for the pointer.  While we are on the topic, Daniel Akst directs my attention to more:    

US researchers got 149 men and women to rate the attractiveness of a series of recorded voices.  They found the most appealing voices belonged to people who had sex at an earlierage, had more sexual partners and were more prone to infidelity.  The team at the University of Albany also said there was a link between the attractiveness of the voice and body.  In the study, men with broad shoulders and narrow hips, which are related to testosterone and growth, also tended to have attractive voices.  In women voice attractiveness, which was rated between one and 10 in the study, was linked to a narrow waist and broad hips.  Report co-author Gordon Gallup, from the author Gordon Gallup, from the New York university’s department of psychology, said: "In short, ratings of voice attractiveness are correlated with promiscuity in both men and women.


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