Who is James Buchanan?

James Buchanan was asked to define himself in a single paragraph, here is the result:

all is said, I have faced few genuine choices between work and play
because there is really no distinction.  My work is my play, and I am
surely among the fortunate in this as in so many other aspects of a
happy and well-ordered life.  I have not been plagued by psychological
hangovers that make me try to respond to the "whys" of existence or the
"whats" beyond.  I hope that I seem what I think I am: a constitutional
political economist who shares an appreciation for the Judeo-Christian
heritage that produced the values of Western culture and institutions
of civil order, particularly as represented in the Madisonian vision of
what the United States might have been and might still become.  Am I
grossly naive to think this definition is sufficient unto itself?

That is from Ideas, Persons, and Events, volume 21 in the collected works of James Buchanan, published by Liberty Fund.  This book is remarkable fun, and costs only $12.00, recommended.


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