Can we make objects invisible?

The idea of a cloak of invisibility
that hides objects from view has long been confined to the more
improbable reaches of science fiction. But electronic engineers have
now come up with a way to make one.

Alù and Nader Engheta of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
say that a ‘plasmonic cover’ could render objects "nearly invisible to
an observer". Their idea remains just a proposal at this stage, but it
doesn’t obviously violate any laws of physics…

The key to the concept is to reduce
light scattering. We see objects because light bounces off them; if
this scattering of light could be prevented (and if the objects didn’t
absorb any light) they would become invisible. Alù and Engheta’s
plasmonic screen suppresses scattering by resonating in tune with the
illuminating light.

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