Markets in everything: A Dog’s Life

Now it is bottled water for your dog or cat:

Jason, a spaniel-retriever mix, is now the chief product tester for…PetRefresh for finicky critters nationwide…

It’s also costly to slake a pet’s thirst from bottles. With the average 60-pound dog drinking a liter of water a day, that’s a roughly $400-a-year habit at $2.29 per 2-liter bottle of PetRefresh.

The company is now selling about 50,000 bottles a year.  And Jason, by the way, is no longer drinking from the toilet bowl (in fact the water tries to mimic some qualities of the ever-loved toilet juice, poochies like coolness too).  That is from Friday’s Wall Street Journal, and thanks to Courtney Knapp for the pointer; here is the link, here is her blogNB: The product is also considered safe for people.

Addendum: Jacqueline Passey (whose excellent blog relates the gripping and  dramatic story of her life) sent me this NPR article and clip about music and songs for your dog.  Apparently dogs don’t like percussion, or the word "no" in songs.


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