Sachs v. Easterly

It’s sad to see a first-rate economist descend to the level of a third-rate politician.  But saddened is what I feel after reading Sach’s response to Easterly’s review of The End of Poverty (see also Tyler’s comments).

Consider this:

Easterly’s simplistic approach fits well with many conservatives in
Washington, who would rather blame the poor than help them. Somehow the
world’s poorest people are made out to be our enemy. According to this
upside-down worldview, the people dying of malaria are out for our
money — all $3 per year that it would cost each person in the rich
world to help Africa mount an effective control program!

Easterly, of course, said no such thing.  What he said is that the tinpot dictators of Africa and their cronies are out for our money and they often succeed in diverting it to their own pockets.  Ignoring this reality is the simplistic approach.


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