Demand does not create its own supply

Captain Capitalism is a "frustrated economist" living in Minneapolis.  He thinks he’s found the perfect woman:

…it seemed the prophecy of the Holy and Sacred Elder Economists of Yore were to come true. For in that brief minute of conversation it was established that;

1. She reads The Economist
2. She was a financial manager at a money management firm
3. She had her undergraduate in finance
4. She was getting her masters in economics

next hour of conversation was tantilizing and insanely intelligent. We
talked about econometric modeling. We talked about efficient frontier
theory. We talked about Miller-Modigliani. And then she talked about
her specialty, behavioral economics.

I love it when chicks talk dirty to me.

But he makes one crucial mistake in the dating game and, inevitably, is frustrated.

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey is not (yet?) a professional economist but she understands this market far better than CC in Minneapolis.  Kindly, she lays it all out for him in the comments section.  But will he learn the error of his ways?  Are his expectations rational?  Can the Captain find a first-mate? Tune in next week as the frustrated economist finds that doing it with models ain’t as easy as it looks.


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