New blog project: avian flu

I have started a new blog project, this time on avian flu.  Go visit  If you write a blog, and enjoy MR, please link to this new endeavor, if only as a courtesy.

Avian flu looms as a real danger, so I thought it important to set up a single-site resource for information on the topic.  Right now the blog is mostly informational, but over time there will be more emphasis on appropriate public policy responses to avian flu.  That is, if avian flu spreads.

Here is the mission statement of the new blog.

Don’t worry, MR will continue as you know it.  Avian flu is a group blog, and I will post there only at times.  Right now the very smart Silviu Dochia is a major poster.  Randall Parker of will post sometimes, and Alex promises an occasional post or two.  More bloggers may be assembled, depending how the issue develops.

I have longer-range plans to set up (but not write for) blogs on other single issue topics, sometimes on very short notice or lasting for very short periods of time.

It’s odd to start a blog that you hope nobody reads, but that is what this is.

Your comments and suggestions would be most welcome.  And if you would like to submit a guest post to the new blog, please contact Silviu through the website.


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