Will Europe comply with Kyoto?

Christopher Horner, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reports 2010 projections (the source is Brussels, published in Washington Times, 16 May)  How much will various countries be above their promised target levels?

Portugal: 77 pct. above

Spain: 61 pct. above (their greenhouse gas emissions have increased forty percent since 1990)

Greece: 51 pct. above

Ireland: 41 pct. above (NB: This number is where the U.S. will likely end up!)

Luxembourg: 31 pct. above

Finland: 26 pct. above

Italy: 13 to 23 pct. above (the number went up once Italy submitted its official estimate)

France: 19 pct. above, with Belgium at 16 pct. and Netherlands at 10 pct.

The bottom line is that few countries will adhere to this unworkable treaty.  Here  is my previous post on global warming.  Here is a more general article on where Kyoto is headed.


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