Insurance, medical and otherwise

I’ve three times tried to get insurance reimbursement from Allstate, and three times they have — in unambiguous cases — tried to screw me over or otherwise held up the claim for months. 

That is why so many intelligent people promote the nonetheless-still-quite-insane idea of a single-payer health care system for the United States.  Let’s keep in mind the words of Arnold Kling on Medicare:

There is no actual evidence that the elderly receive better care, or more cost-effective care, or more egalitarian care than people under 65. Particularly interesting is the data that the U.S. spends about 40 percent more per capita on health care for the elderly, just as we spend about 40 percent more per capita on health care for those under 65. Where in the data is the much-vaunted efficiency of Medicare?

Let’s also not forget that the best European systems reject the single-payer idea.  Furthermore, while I am frustrated at Allstate, government either does the same or costs and abuse go crazy.  Read Jane Galt as well.


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