What Steve Levitt reads

Malcolm Gladwell "the greatest living storyteller" but has no interest in the rest of the magazine; reads Mr. Gladwell’s stuff online.

Yahoo Finance. "I handle my financial portfolio like it’s a big gambling account." Appreciates array of free info, and "when I started five years ago, it was better developed than others."

Three blogs by economists: MarginalRevolution.com by George Mason University professors Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen, Berkeley professor Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal and the Becker-Posner Blog, by the U of C’s Gary Becker and U.S. Appellate Court Judge Richard Posner.

At bedtime, newsmagazines and People. "I can rarely convince myself that there are books worth reading. And at one point I became brainwashed by my father that it was unmanly to read fiction – so I read Time and Newsweek instead."

Here is the story, and thanks to Laurel for the pointer.


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