Mispriced Bandwidth

A correspondent writes:

The Moche site is down again. In situations like these, it’s always struck me that the business model of the host–in this case Yahoo! GeoCities–is insane. If the demand exceeds the bandwidth that their customer has paid for, they should provide an option for visitors to make a donation via PayPal or some such that will restore access to the site. They might make a lot of money doing this–they might even split it with their customers whose sites attract the traffice. If the fee is priced correctly, visitors wouldn’t think twice about paying–obviously we want to see the site or we wouldn’t have followed the link in the first place.

This is an excellent idea. With bandwidth so cheap I would add that there ought to be an option to pay for bandwidth for others as well as oneself. I would have paid for our readers to enjoy the sex pots!  I would tell you the correspondent’s name by the way except that this person is at work and doesn’t want it known that s/he uses the boss´s time to peruse "erotic crockery"! 


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