Rogue Economist!

A famous economist is trying to capture terrorists by combing through data on banking records.  Wimpy. Wimpy. Wimpy.  A real rogue economist would go after them with his bare hands.  Grrrrr! 🙂

Today, I am in Baltimore, one of the roughest cities in the United States.  Not content to study bounty hunters from the safe confines of my desk I am going hunting with the real thing.  Is this my dangerous summer?  Nah, that is next summer!

I am really going to Baltimore to learn.  Tyler writes on development and globalization and spends a lot of time traveling and living in poor countries.  It’s a good model to emulate.  Blackboard economics can only get you so far.  I am working on a book about bounty hunting but also about bounties and prizes more generally.  I figure one less equation and one more story about Doc Rock and the Fugitive will double my sales.    


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