Econometric Society 2005 World Congress

Mahalanobis covers some of the latest papers from the Econometric Society meetings.   Here is a selection, more summaries at the previous link and much more here.

find money is more precious than time
: They say that time is more precious
than money but economists have shown that this isn’t the case. Researchers
presented a paper that shows people are more willing to share the fruits of
their labour rather than their money.

abortion increases a woman’s economic power
: The legalisation of abortion
and innovations in birth control have increased a wife’s clout in the home.
Results show that all women are better off, including those who don’t use birth
control, but only if it’s available to single women as well.

predicts how to get ahead in the research stakes
: The conundrum over whether
to share interim research results or play your cards close to your chest has
been answered.

siblings fare worse in educational attainment
: Children born later in
families don’t perform as well as their older siblings.


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