Famous economists’ grave sites

Here is the link, which includes information on location and sometimes epitaphs, courtesy of Rafe Champion and Andrew Norton, via Jacqueline Passey.

Biographies aside, I agree with the views of Thorstein Veblen:

It is my wish, in case of death, to be cremated, if it can conveniently be done, as expeditiously and inexpensively as may be, without ritual or ceremony of any kind; that my ashes be thrown loose into the sea, or into some sizable stream running to the sea; that no tombstone, slab, epitaph, effigy, tablet, inscription, or monument of any name or nature, be set up in my memory or name in any place or at any time; that no obituary, memorial, portrait, or biography of me, nor any letters written to or by me be printed or published, or in any way reproduced, copied or circulated.


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