Markets in everything — fake wedding guests

This report is from India:

An Indian firm which rents out wedding guests says business is booming.

The Best Guests Centre, at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, is looking to expand across the state.

The company caters for families who fear they will fall short of guests at weddings.

It hires out guests, either traditionally dressed or wearing smart western clothes, according to requirements and budget.

The guests dance and try to impress with their etiquette without letting anyone know they are being paid for it.

Proprietor M I Syed briefs his staff about the groom, the bride and their families before the wedding to avoid a faux pas.

told The Statesman: “The breaking up of joint families and lack of
affection among relatives also creates a demand for paid guests.

"Such families need to hire guests to make up for the fewer number of relatives available for attending the marriage.”

Funny thing is, I would pay people to stay away from my wedding…Thanks to Josh Edlin for the pointer.


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