Not since Mark Twain

Jon Stewart destroyed Christopher Hitchens on Friday’s Daily Show.  Hitchens tried to take the line that people against the war in Iraq were capitulationist, blame America-firsters.  Here’s part of the transcript:

Stewart: The people who say we shouldn’t fight in Iraq
aren’t saying it’s our fault. That is the conflation that is the
most disturbing to me.
Hitch: Don’t you hear people saying that we made them nasty. . .
Stewart: I hear people saying a lot of stupid
[bleep]. . . But there is reasonable dissent in this country
about the way this war has been conducted, that has nothing to do with
people believing that we should cut and run from the terrorists, or that we
should show weakness in the face of terrorism, or that we believe that
we have in some way brought this upon ourselves.  They believe that this war is being conducted without transparency, without credibility, and without competence…
Hitch: I’m sorry, sunshine.  I just watched you ridicule the president for saying he wouldn’t give a timetable…
Stewart: No, you misunderstood why. . . .What I ridiculed the president [about] was [that] he refuses to answer questions from
adults as though we were adults and falls back upon platitudes and
phrases and talking points; that does a disservice to the goals that he
himself shares with the very people he himself needs to convince.

Hitchens knows he has been beat and can hardly wait to escape at the close (watch the video here). 


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