Ten predictions about cars for 2025

The indispensable Chris F. Masse writes me:

Drive’s top 10 sure-fire predictions for 2025

1. Diesels will account for half of all new vehicles sold.
2. CVT transmissions will outnumber manuals and automatics combined.
3. Cars will be 30 per cent lighter and physically smaller on average.
4. Average fuel consumption will be down 50 per cent per vehicle.
5. Luxury cars will offer light-refracting, colour-changing paint.
6. Visual advertising will permeate the cabin and outer skin of cars.
7. Autopilot will still be 20 years off (thankfully).
8. We’ll still be complaining about congestion and fuel prices.
9. Road safety measures will be education-based and constructive, not
10. Some car parts will be assembled atom by atom using nanotechnology.

The Melbourne paper The Age offers more and also lists the predictions.  In my view, #8 is the sure thing.


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