Variety magazine on the Serenity movie

1. The movie is a "space oddity."

2. It feels like a TV production, even on the big screen.

3. It won’t take off without a big marketing push.

4. The cast has good chemistry and the movie has a strong human
dimension.  Yet by now many of the premises appear less than fresh.

5. The movie’s colors are dark and unappealing and the score is mediocre.

Variety reviews are usually reliable.  Unlike most
newspapers and magazines, they do not offer an aggregated and confusing
"weighted average" assessment of both quality and popularity.  Written
for insiders, the periodical tells you how good the movie is, how
popular it will be, which countries will like it (sometimes), and how
it will do on DVD.

If you are lost, here is background information on Serenity.  If you saw the movie on its brief early release, don’t put any spoilers in the comments.


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