Tabarrok’s Offer

Pascal’s Wager came up at the great debate the other night and Bryan Caplan was kind enough to refer to my paper as the definitive refutation.  Coincidentally, a reader in search of counsel on matters economic and theological writes to the Financial Times’s Dear Economist who replies by trying to take the vig out of my scam ministry!

The economist Alex Tabarrok points out that if there is even a tiny
chance that Pascal is right, a tiny chance of a tiny chance of a second
of infinite bliss is still infinitely valuable.

Now, if you give
me all your money, I’ll intercede with God on your behalf and increase
your chance of going to heaven. Of course, there is only a tiny chance
that my intercession will help, but a tiny chance of infinite bliss is,
again, infinitely valuable.

Please send your cheque via the FT, and quickly please – I’ve already given Professor Tabarrok all my cash.


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