How quickly should I go through my stock of Battlestar Galactica?

The Hotelling rule tells us to consume a stock so the shadow value rises at a rate commensurable with the rate of interest…or something like that.  C’mon, let ‘s get real.  Here are a few options:

1. Set aside one day for a BSG fest.  I would lose the pleasures of anticipation, so no way.  (Would you want all non-currents-events-specific MR posts available all at once?)  The pleasures of memory would be weaker as well.

2. Have a strict rule, such as one a day.

3. Have a stranger impose a rationing pattern.  Sometimes we call this stranger the Science Fiction Channel.  But what about the accumulated stock of programs on DVD?

4. Watch it when your wife lets you (not an issue for those that have married well).

5. Refuse to watch the last episode, in an attempt to deny your mortality.

6. Watch them at an increasing rate.

#3 is appealing, but so far I am opting for #6.  Comments are open, if you wish to rationalize what you already have done.

Addendum: This question will become more important.


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