Must have been a Monday

[Sir] Bob Geldof is angry about European farm subidies:

The CAP is a protection racket Al Capone would look at in
admiration and be proud of. Why do Europe’s farmers need protection?
Farmers are being paid to look after fields – they are just gardeners.
Some are growing stuff through subsidy that we don’t even need – then
we are paying more taxes to store the stuff we don’t need and more
taxes to destroy the stuff we don’t need. The CAP was responsible for
the butter mountains and the wine lakes. These surpluses are also being
shipped out to Africa and destroying local markets and economies. It is
not giving people a chance to get back on their feet. The CAP should be
scrapped and farmers should be open to competition. We’re not a free
market. There is no free trade. The CAP is anti-free trade….

CAP is killing people. Africa is only eight miles down
the road from Europe and it is in conceivable that there is starvation
and poverty there while huge amounts are wasted across Europe on
farming subsidies. Europe gives 65 cents -just over half a euro -to the
average poverty-stricken African in aid in a year, whereas a surplus
cow in Europe gets 848 euros a year.

Hat tip to the Adam Smith Institute Blog.


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