Caught my eye

A U.S. firm is implanting silicon chips in some employees, to prevent them from entering secure areas.

Spotsylvania police have been consummating their dealings with prostitutes before arresting them.  Furthermore this sounds like official policy.  One officer left a $350 tip [TC: still looking for humorous comment to make here], and only unmarried detectives are assigned to such cases.

There is a long waiting list to adopt children with Down syndrome. focuses on obituaries of the famous and not-so-famous.  When I go away on trips, this is the one piece of news it is hard to catch up on.

Buy Bruce Bartlett’s new book, available here, and thank academic freedom on the way out the door.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada is the first transcendentally great movie of the year.  Imagine a rural Mexican sensibility applied to Weekend at Bernie’s, and you have some idea where this one is coming from.

Dan Drezner has a sense of humor about Dick Cheney.  Revere at EffectMeasure has a different take.

This web site is basically for videos.


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